Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ba-boom, clash!

That is the sound maddy makes after she tells a joke!  Can you hear the cymbals now? (she writes it as "boom! boom! clash!")  So yesterday morning she was busy writing Dan a letter before school ( he was at work finishing the night shift) and she sweetly left it for him on the kitchen table.  This is what it looked like:
In case you can't read it (she was writing on the soft couch after all), this is what it said (plus my translations):
Dear Papi, (because that is what Dora calls her dad, so why not Maddy?)
I am overdue 4 school! (no explanation needed, of course, isn't every 6 year old overdue for school at 8a.m.?)
Our 1-year-old (Elsie) has a didee ("mom, if I don't know how to spell diaper I can just write didee") radish. Boom! Boom! Clash! (get it? get it? Elsie has a diaper rash!)
Love, Yours Truly (dan couldn't possibly have any other "yours truly"!)
P.S. I changed my name MSB (her initials) to Pam.

Ok, now I know the last part needs a lot of explaining: this is not the first mention of changing her name to Pam (which, by the way, comes from Pam cooking spray, can you see me shaking my head and sighing?) When I ask her why she wants to change it to Pam she says because it is short for Maddy.  Who knew?  not me!  She said it is easier to sing than Maddy.  What is a mother supposed to say to that?  Please tell me! 


Bethany said...

You could publish a book with all of the funny things she says/does.

Love it! Overdue for school? Sounds like something the British would say.

robin said...

She is so cute! I miss you guys!!

Brenley said...

so stinkin cute! what a personality she has!

Mindy said...

Oh I just love that girl!! My favorite is overdue for school too - that is classic.

The Gentles said...

Tell Pam I can't wait to see her soon...Boom boom clash!