Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Beautiful Testimony!

I was reading President Uchtdorf's talk in the February Ensign the other day and his testimony of The Prophet Joseph Smith was incredible.  It touched me to my very core and he put into words much of how I feel about that good man.  This is what he knew as a child:

Before I recognized the tutoring of the Spirit testifying to me that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, my youthful heart felt that he was a friend of God and would therefore, quite naturally, also be a friend of mine. I knew I could trust Joseph Smith.

This is my testimony too.  I have always felt this way about our dear prophet, President Hinckley who died last year.  But I know that Joseph Smith was also a prophet of God and as a friend of God, he lived to bless me with the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

For more information about the work Joseph Smith did to share the Gospel of Christ, please clickhere.


robin said...

I am so thankful too that we have prophets today that lead us and guide us. They truly are our friends

I miss you guys so much. I am so thankful for your friendship. Just hope you know that!

Cara said...

Can you help me??? I am trying to get in touch with kelly bastian... your blog says she is your bff.... the kelly i am looking for is lds and married to jerry and last lived in nebraska.... my email address is if you could relay it to her and let her know i am looking for her... i'd greatly appreciate it!

Amanda and Steve said...

Just to warn you...I'm reading. :-)